What makes a modern house modern?

efficiency, light, open concept makes a home modern

What makes a home modern? 

I am sure you are growing tired of hearing the term modern; it seems like an all-encompassing catch-all. Here is our focus when we use the term “modern” to describe our homes. The ability to create both clutter-free and simple spaces while still captivating intrigue. The delicate balance of not too much but not too little. Modernity does not need to be overstated and overpowering. You don’t have to dive into “modern” completely; you can just use aspects that work for you.  


On a deeper level that may not be visible but will certainly be felt is energy efficiency. A modern home that is well insulated and vented properly will be much more comfortable. Nothing is better than combining comfort and cost savings on monthly utility bills. Our homes are third-party energy star rated. That means the homes are built to a higher standard, focusing on better air sealing, high-performance windows, efficient heating and cooling systems, better building materials, and better air quality. That is just touching on a few aspects of energy star.  

Natural light 

Natural light is the other important thing about a modern design that keeps you comfortable. Using large and small windows strategically placed throughout the home is crucial. The variation in sizes can create a more natural, beautiful, asymmetric look. Windows are for much more than just a view of the outside surroundings. A high window can let in ample natural light while still allowing for privacy. We also like to utilize a fixed window, when possible, for a tighter seal. 

Open concept 

This concept has been introduced previously, but open floor plans make the most sense for today’s modern living. This allows natural light to flood all areas of the house by opening things up. It gives you more flexibility in changing the room layout by defining the spaces with furniture, not walls. This allows the family to be together while doing different things in the house. You can see the kids playing in the living room while cooking supper in the kitchen. This concept also works very well for families who enjoy having guests over and entertaining.  


Architecture constantly evolves; you are used to seeing arched-top windows, entryways, and homes that are symmetrical with round columns and shutters. Modern is typically cleaner and more simplified, like a home with a more asymmetrical look with horizontal and vertical lines. It can be bold yet complement its natural asymmetrical surroundings. It is geared more towards function but, at the same time, does not lose its captivation. Simple, well-placed details can make all the difference.